• the_son_4

    Son / Sin

    ✶✶✶✶✶ Adopted son Arman (18) has an unstable character and cannot find peace in the struggle for his identity. His parents and younger brother Dado (14), who was…

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  • history-of-love-2

    History of Love / Zgodovina ljubezni

    ✶✶✶✶✶ Seventeen-year-old Iva is in the process of coming to terms with the death of her mother. Influenced by this deep personal loss and by the discovery that…

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  • raj-paradise

    Paradise / Raj

    Slovenia / Croatia A short film in post-production. To be completed 2019. “With a dream-like atmosphere this visually impressive story on the trail of the French new wave…

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  • redemption-katarina1

    Redemption / Odrešitev

    Feature film Stage: in development/in financing Written by: Sonja Prosenc Genre: Drama/Dark Comedy Drama Project develompment funding: Slovenian Film Centre Co-producers:  Incitus Films (Norway), Wolfgang&Dolly (Croatia) Synopsis: The…

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  • THE-TREE-01

    The Tree / Drevo

    A debut feature by Sonja Prosenc (2014) Slovenia, 90′, first feature, 2014, wp: Karlovy Vary Slovenian OSCAR Entry 2016 The Tree on IMDB – link Told from three…

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  • impromptu


    Short, 15′, June 2015, Slovenia, DCP / In a manner of a contemporary short story, Impromptu focuses on the life of a couple just as they are caught…

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  • tisnikar_0312-2

    A Man with a Raven

    Documentary, 52′, Slovenia, 2012 / TV documentary portrait. A MAN WITH A RAVEN tells a story of Jože Tisnikar, in whom a daily routine of an autopsy assistant…

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  • morning


    short, 13′, Slovenia, 2012, DCP / Father and son travel toward a better life in a new country. Too similar and too isolated in their destiny they drift…

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  • sprava


    Short, 15′, by Janez Burger, 2015 / Red and black are killing each other, but can never die. In the film titled, ‘Reconciliation’, bodies from the closet are…

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