History of Love awarded at Karlovy Vary IFF

History of Love (2018) by Sonja Prosenc, presented in Main Competition at Karlovy vary IFF received the Special Mention Grand Jury Award:

》Extraordinary Artistic Achievement《

“Prosenc has kept her intensely sensorial approach that impressed audiences and critics alike in her first film, but has moved away from the socio-political angle that it had, focusing on intimate family relations, and particularly the main protagonist’s inner world. // Mitja Ličen’s cinematography is rich and varied, and so are the settings. From the streets of Ljubljana to the family’s large house in the suburbs to the lush banks of the river, the DoP lets the camera flow, pan and follow Iva, in both sunny daylight and nocturnal scenes illuminated by lanterns, torches or smartphone screens. Also, the camera often goes underwater – one of the most consistent leitmotifs of the film. This is where Iva’s hearing impediment comes into play, through the very creative and meticulously executed sound design. Combined with the score, featuring some of Bach’s most sweeping choral pieces, the sound and images create a distinct world that belongs to Iva – and where reality and imagination overlap without any clear borders.” (Cineuropa, July 2018)

The film is a co-production between Slovenia, Italy and Norway, supported by Eurimages and developed with TorinoFilmLab and Midpoint. Read more about the film here.


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