History of Love / Zgodovina ljubezni

Slovenia / Norway / Italy
Stage: In completion stage (2018).
Written and directed by: Sonja Prosenc
Main cast: Doroteja Nadrah (Class Enemy …), Kristoffer Joner (The Wave, The Revenant …)

Supported by: Eurimages
Developed with the support of: TorinoFilmLab, EAVE, Midpoint, MEDIA Creative Europe

Development awards:
EAVE award, TRL Espresso Award (Triste, Rome, London), React development funding award

While Iva is mourning the loss of her mother who has died in an accident, she discovers her mother’s
secret relationship with a co-worker, an opera con ductor Erik. Iva’s idea of family starts to fall apart.
Tis gives her an opportunity to escape pain, and she chooses anger instead. She plunges into a world completely di fferent from the one she is used to, but after the initial disappointment and feelings of betrayal she realises Erik is someone she can share her loss with. At this point Iva’s brother takes the anger and the revenge onto himself.



production Monoo / producers Rok Sečen, Sonja Prosenc
co-production Nefertiti Film, Incitus Films / co-producers Nadia Trevisan, Jarle Bjørknes

Co-financed by: Slovenian Film Centre, RTV Slovenia, RAI Cinema, Fondo Audiovisivo FVG, FVG Film Commission, Norwegian Film Institute, Zefyr Media Fund

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