Short, 15′, by Janez Burger, 2015 /

Red and black are killing each other, but can never die.
In the film titled, ‘Reconciliation’, bodies from the closet are killing each over and over again, but they just cannot die. Through this ‘repeated non-death’ by killing, they get distorted and mutilated in a way that their identity cannot be determined anymore. Their fanaticism and determination for revenge grows to the stage of developing thirst for the last drop of blood and the an appetite for the last atom of strength. The loss of meaning in the occurring events feeds the fanaticism surrounding it all.

Dario Varga
Vlado Vlaškalič
Medea Novak
Luka Cimprič
Jan Cvitkovič
Zlatko Nikolič
Primož Meze
Jure Rebernik
Luka Lesar
Nejc Kok
Luka Kušar
Sašo Vrzel
Vili Olovec
Uroš Mestek

written and directed by Janez Burger
producer Miha Černec
director of photography Jure Černec
editor Miloš Kalusek
production Staragara
co-production Monoo
co-financed Slovenski filmski center

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