Redemption / Odrešitev

Feature film
Stage: in development/in financing

Written by: Sonja Prosenc
Genre: Drama/Dark Comedy Drama
Project develompment funding: Slovenian Film Centre

Co-producers:  Incitus Films (Norway), Wolfgang&Dolly (Croatia)


The arrival of a handsome 25-year-old Julijan upsets the routine family life of Aleksander, Olivija and Agata. Through humorous situations father Aleksander, mother Olivija and their teenage daughter Agata individually come to terms with the presence of the new household member: Aleksander’s son, whom Aleksander used to know nothing about. Julijan only stays with the family for two weeks, but after his visit nothing will be the same.
Redemption is a clinical study of a family, a dark comedy/drama that examines the topic of the emotionally empty life of the modern elites and places it into the context of contemporary social issues.

Main Cast:

Katarina Stegnar
Marko Mandič
Matej Zemljič

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